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"Dream Team" Volunteers

Dream TeamThey call themselves the “Dream Team”.  A dedicated group of volunteers that have been volunteering their time weekly at the East Texas Food Bank for nearly four years.

The group, consisting of nine members, are known for their skills in our repacking room.  On this day, only five members were able to volunteer.

“We love it here,” says Jessie, who has been volunteering for about three years.  “I retired and wanted something to do.  This is a great place to do it.”

Margaret, whose husband passed away a few years ago, says coming each week to the East Texas is something she looks forward to.  

“It helps me get out of the house,” Margaret said.

Rose understands how Margaret feels.  She too lost her husband a few years ago and was inspired by Margaret to come to the East Texas Food Bank to volunteer. 

“I needed something to do and Margaret begged me to come,” Rose said.  “I love it here…it’s so rewarding.  I can’t contribute financially, so this is my way to do it.”

A new member of the group, Rick, started volunteering only a few weeks ago.  The “Dream Team” adopted him quickly.

“I just moved from Austin and volunteered a lot with Capital Area Food Bank,” Rick said.  “I believe in giving back and it’s really the reward of helping others that I enjoy.”

Sally volunteers with PATH, one of our partner agencies in Tyler, as well as the East Texas Food Bank.

“I love to help people and be around them,” Sally said.  “There is so much people can do here.  This food bank runs off volunteers.”

All the “Dream Team” members say that volunteering is something they encourage everyone to do.

Michael Janick
Mike JanickMichael Janick volunteers at the East Texas Food Bank twice a month, as a member of both Catholic Charities and the Knights of Columbus.

"I don't know if the whole community understands, that there are a lot of hungry people out there," he said.

 Janick was the one that suggested volunteering to his Knights of Columbus group, and says he enjoys his time at the food bank.

"It gets us out and quite often after we're done, we'll go as a group and have lunch," he said.

For Janick, it's about sharing his blessings.

"It doesn't seem fair we can ear well and other people are having a hard time and so this is one way we can come and help put food on somebody's table," he said.

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