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Quarter Drive Collects $1,500 for the East Texas Food Bank


(Tyler, Texas) November 10, 2011 – Pewitt Junior High School students will present a donation of $1,500 to the East Texas Food Bank on Monday, November 14th at 11:30 AM. The presentation will take place at Pewitt Junior High School, Highway 67 West in Omaha. The students hosted a Quarter Drive to help those affected by the wildfires.

“Our students saw a need to help the hungry in Northeast Texas, and we thought the best way to help the most was to collect donations for the East Texas Food Bank,” said Martha Rice, sponsor of the Pewitt Junior High School Student Council. “Once we researched charities, we discovered that the East Texas Food Bank can provide eight meals for just a dollar.”

This was the third year for the school to host a hunger-related drive and this year was the most successful. Students challenged homerooms to collect the most food and then the winning homeroom received prizes. Pam Shumake’s sixth-grade homeroom class raised over $1,000.

“We are truly grateful for the sense of social responsibility and generosity shown by these remarkable young adults,” said Dennis Cullinane, executive director of the East Texas Food Bank. “Their work reminds us that little things, like quarters, can add up and make a difference.”

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