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Response to meals served at
Summer Food Program sites 

(Tyler, Texas) June 7, 2012 – In response to concerns about a processed sandwich served on Wednesday,
June 6th during lunch at the Summer Food Program, the East Texas Food Bank has removed the product
from its menu. The lunch served was past its “best if used by date”, however, it was purchased frozen by
the East Texas Food Bank in January 2012 through a vender. When it was received, it remained frozen
until it was ready for consumption.

“We received the products frozen and they were handled properly,” said Dennis Cullinane, executive
director of The East Texas Food Bank. “The East Texas Food Bank works diligently to ensure that these
products we send out are safe.”

According to the USDA, a best if used by date is provided voluntarily by the manufacturer and
recommended for best flavor or quality. It is not a purchase or safety date. The USDA also states that
once a perishable product is frozen, it doesn’t matter if the date expires because foods kept frozen
continuously are safe indefinitely. More information about product dating can be found at

“We want families to be comfortable with the food that is served at all of our sites,” said Cullinane.
“While this particular product is safe to serve, we are voluntarily removing this item from the menu at
our Summer Food Program sites for the rest of the summer.”

The East Texas Food Bank nor any of its partner sites have received reports of foodborne illness
associated with this product.

About East Texas Food Bank
The East Texas Food Bank distributed over 18 million pounds of food each year to over 200 partner agencies in
26 East Texas counties. Our vision is for a hunger‐free East Texas and our mission is to reduce hunger by
providing food, support and education to those in need with passion and efficiency. Our purpose is to ensure
that no one in East Texas is forced to go without food. The East Texas Food Bank is a member of Feeding
America and the Texas Food Bank Network. To learn more, please visit www.EastTexasFoodBank.org. Find us
on Facebook at facebook.com/etfoodbank or follow our news on Twitter at twitter.com/etfoodbank .

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